Career As A Body Builder


Industry: Sports                                        Career: Body Builder


A Body Builder builds multiple muscles in his body for the purpose of displaying in front of an audience of Judges who rate and rank based on appearance. Its all about aesthetics.

JOB DESCRIPTIONCareer in Body Building

The end game of body building exposes one to opportunities of entering body building competition. Competition consists of;

  1. Several posing rounds, during which you must perform a series of poses designed to highlight certain muscle groups, such as your arms, back, or chest.
  2. Demonstration of perfect body symmetry and muscle size
  3. Display of definition and proportion of your muscle groups in relation to each other
  4. Overall physique.


Anyone with a passion for body building profession can join.


  1. To begin your journey as a body builder, you need;
  2. A fully equipped gym for training
  3. A schedule for training
  4. A appropriate diet
  5. If you don’t have a trainer, you can check recommended resources to do it yourself – or become a self trained body builder.


  1. To be at the top of your game as a body builder you require;
  2. Great Hand-eye co-ordination.
  3. Great physical health
  4. Persistence to build and maintain muscle
  5. Discipline in following through training and maintaining an appropriate healthy diet


  1. A body builder can seamlessly translate their skills in the same sport as a body building trainer or mentor.
  2. A bouncer
  3. With additional security skills, you can be a private body guard
  4. Product endorsements
  5. Modelling